Why Don’t Readers Review Books


Reviewers are vital for any author. Only through reviews do other readers hear about a book. Even if that review is verbal, the opinion of readers gives weight to whether or not the other person will read the book. But so many don’t share their thoughts on the books they are reading.


I can’t get a solid answer on this. Let’s review some of the answers I got.

Some readers say they don’t have time. That could be. Time is a valuable commodity for everyone. Yet they have time to read. They will read anywhere they are. They will read waiting in line at the coffee shop and in the bathroom. So time is only a small excuse.

I actually asked a few readers why they didn’t write reviews. The answers I got were mixed and sometimes confusing.

One stated that she is not a writer. You don’t have to be a writer to share your thoughts on a book. Write the way you talk. People aren’t reading your review to find a Pulitzer writer. They just want to know about the review.

Another stated she just didn’t have time to do anything fun. I could give that to her. She has two children under the age of five. But I couldn’t give it to the retired woman whose only demand on her was to cook meals for her husband who was rarely home. He was busy sitting with the older men at McDonald’s.

Then there was the one man who didn’t know how. That I could work with. Just ask how. Others would love to help.

And we end with those who just didn’t want to write a review. Why? Because they just want to read. They don’t want the stress of writing something. It is too much for them.

Why Readers Should Write Reviews

Reviews are what help authors sell books.Through reviews, readers can determine if the book is a good fit for them. If you didn’t like a book, share why so others of your same mindset can be warned. If you loved a book, help direct other readers to it.

Reviewing books helps other readers and the authors. It’s a win-win situation.


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