The Value of Writing Prompts


Writing prompts are a wonderful resource for any writer. They expand the idea resource pool for a writer. They give variety to an author’s works. Writing prompts are valuable.

Writing prompts come in a variety of forms. They can be a single word, a sentence, a historical event, or even a single picture. Anything that can be inspiring can be a writing prompt. They can also be for anyone writing. It can be a student, someone writing for fun, or a professional writer.

For Students

Do you have to write a short story for a class? Sometimes, the directions are no more than a theme and a word limit. That means that you might need help for a story idea. Use a picture and see how it could fit in with your directions from your instructor. Writing prompts give you ideas on the perfect story for your class.

For Authors

Authors could have a number of issues. They could be trying to write a scene and can’t imagine it. A writing prompt could help them accomplish that. They might need to write a short story for an anthology or to submit to a contest. A writing prompt can give them ideas.


Writing prompts are ways to step outside the box to get ideas. No matter how good at ideas you think you are, sometimes you need some fresh perspectives. Writing prompts can be a lot of fun because they challenge you and are a different lens to look through.

Where to Find

Just type in “writing prompts” in your search engine. You can be more specific such as “picture writing prompts”. You’ll find hundreds of locations. Here are a few we recommend.

Picture Writing Prompts – Flowers

Picture Writing Prompts – Vol 1

Dictionary Writing Prompts – Vol 1

Unsolved Mysteries Writing Prompt – Jimmy Hoffa

Baked Potato Writing Prompt


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