10 Amazing AudioBooks

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Audiobooks are amazing ways to listen to great stories. They are a way to be exposed to great stories even when you can’t hold a book in your hand. You can “read” a book while working out at the gym, while you work, during a walk, or anywhere else.

Why You Need to Try AudioBooks

I have to be honest. I used to hate audiobooks. That is because I had gotten some books on disc and tried to listen to them. They put me to sleep. The narrators were terrible. I thought all audiobooks were like that. I was wrong.

I have found that audiobooks are one of my favorite ways to enjoy books. I get to enjoy them as I drive, clean house, crochet, and even work. Multi-tasking at its finest. It gets better when you find books that are narrated extremely well.

Audiobooks are easy to use and can give you more exposures to books that you’d have otherwise.

Where to Find AudioBooks

There are many places to find audiobooks in today’s world. Check out sites such as Audible and Scribd. You get a variety of genres and authors to explore. I have found a ton of new authors I have fallen in love with through audiobooks.

Amazing AudioBooks

Here are a few audiobooks I have fallen in love with. The story lines are well done. The narrating is outstanding. I hope you enjoy them as well.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

This was the audiobook that got me hooked on this form of “reading”. It was done by the actor who protrayed Icabod Crane in the TV series. I loved the actor’s voice so I tried it. Oh, I’m glad I did. The story I knew so well had me begging for more audiobooks. A classic that never gets old.

Free the Darkness

This is the first in a series that will have you smiling, gasping, and sitting on the edge of your seat. There is mystery. There is suspense. There is so much more to the story than you might expect. This is the story of a young boy suddenly thrust into a world he is unfamiliar with. He has lived with tests, pressure, and demands that no other of his age are exposed to. Who is he really? Not even he knows, but he discovers the real person within him as he faces unimaginable challenges and overcomes the greatest odds.

The Queen’s Poisoner

Looking for a story that can be enjoyed by adults and children as well? This is the perfect one to choose. It is a story of secrets and lessons that everyone can take to heart. A young boy finds himself friending the secret poisoner of the Queen. Along the way, he discovers that there is more to the world he lives in while he tries to choose right.

The Way of Kings

A great fantasy read! The first in a series you’ll have to continue reading. I found myself mesmerized by the story and even laughed at the unique characters and the situations they found themselves in. It is set in a unique world with strange powers and secrets that beg to be unraveled.

Theft of Swords

This is the book that got my husband listening to audiobooks. The storyline is beyond excellent. The characters are outstanding. We found ourselves talking about the series whenever we got the chance. Even jumped on the prequel story as soon as we could. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries, adventures, and fantasy stories.

The Butterfly Garden

Let me start by saying that I only read the first book in the series. I plan on reading the rest, but the first one was outstanding enough to recommend it. During a trip from Wisconsin to Texas overnight, I listened to it. I thought my husband was asleep. He was listening to the story. That was revealed when he would say, “He did what?” or “What did she say?” I found the story extremely well-written. The narrator was captivating.

The Darkwater Bride

This was a story that was intense and riveting. It is a reinactment and takes the listener to the dark side of London around the turn of the 20th century. It is a secret about a mysterious series of death around a dirty river.

The Girl on the Train

Everyday life can be a window into the not so ordinary lives of others. This is the story of a woman who is in a slump in all areas of her life but is pretending otherwise. As she rides a train to and from a job she no longer has, she gets to know the homes she passes. She makes up stories about those she sees more often. Then the stories are not so made up. A murder occurs. She might have information on it, but who will listen to a woman skilled in lying?

Darkness Dawns

Do you like romance stories with more than just the romance? This is one for you. It is a paranormal story with great characters. The storyline continues through an entire series where the plot thickens and the characters get more interesting.


I stumbled upon this story and was glad I did. It is a futuristic story in a world where only the firstborn in a family is of value, and no family can have more than two children. The secondborns are used to fight a war. But one secondborn might be the very instrument to bring the entire establishment down.

If you haven’t tried audiobooks recently, please try these out. They are great “reads” and will have you wanting more. And this is coming from one who absolutely loves having the feel of a book in her hands.


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