5 Fantasy Stories You Shouldn’t Miss


I love fantasy stories. They take me to worlds that involve magic and creatures that exist only in stories. They are usually full of heroes and romance that take us to amazing worlds that we wish existed. To see magic used to defeat the evil one is so thrilling. To see creatures that are so unusual and that defy science is something that draws so many of us.

Below are five fantasy stories that I highly suggest you read. They are all part of a series. These are books that have me hooked from page one and begging for more. Give them a try and let me know what you think of them.

Note – This post has affiliate links in it. If you click on the link and purchase anything, there is a monetary payout to the site, but no information is tracked.

The Riyria Chronicles

I cannot tell you how much I love this series. In fact, there are at least three series that follow the tales of this very interesting world. The characters are so well-developed and realistic. The author brings in comedic interactions with some of the characters that doesn’t detract from the story but enhances the characters. I gobble this story. Get your copy here with the first book in the chronicles.

Legends of Muirwood

A young girl finds herself saving the world when all she wanted to do was explore the world around her. She learns that there is more to her world than she ever imagined. Love this series. Great for a young adult and older adult as well. As you read, you’ll find correlations to many other stories and classics. Get your first book here.

The Stormlight Chronicles

The next book in this has come out and I’m diving into it. I have to admit that I have only listened to the audio books so far, but I plan on buying the books and checking out others in the unique universe. Wonderfully created characters that have you thinking you know them personally. Get your copy here.

The Haidren Legacy

A new author. A new book. A new love of mine. This book is so well written that I am going nuts waiting on book two. About ready to meet the author and hold her hostage until it is done. I won’t because I think the story will be better if I just wait patiently. Get your copy here as soon as you can.

Akken Chronicles

Magic. Mystery. And things don’t quite add up. The perfect recipe for a great read. It is not a very high-impact action story, but there is enough to keep the story moving. This is about reading people and not fully knowing the truth. Get your copy here.

Give these books a try and share the ones you love. Great characters. Great plots. Great stories that stay with you long after you finish reading them.


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