Headlines Writing Prompt

A writing prompt can be anything. I once thought that only a sentence given by my teacher could be one. Then I found someone sharing picture writing prompts. The more I got involved in the writing world, I began to discover that writing prompts are literally anything that prompts a story idea. A funny story told by my father could be one. A song can be one. A holiday or event can be a writing prompt. why not headlines?

How to Use a Headlines Writing Prompt

With a headlines writing prompt, you are given a headline that is copied straight from a news source or online magazine. A standard way to work with writing prompts is to look or listen to the prompt. Put it aside for at least a few hours. I suggest to do this for up to a few days so your brain can relax and feel free to explore all the possible creative things you an do with the prompt. when you first look at the prompt, you might come up with nothing or something that feel is rather lame. Giving your mind time to jump from idea to idea nd find the moist inspiring one.

With headline writing prompts, you look at the headline. Step away. If you still have nothing when you come back, read the actual article. Here I have a summary you can use instead before you need to move on to the whole piece. The reason I prefer this method of piece by piece is that when you read the headlines you might get one idea but when you read the article it all changes. I know that the first idea I get with an actual headline can be vastly different from what I get when I read the details. Why is that? Because headlines are designed to get your attention. They don’t always accurately represent the entire story. Just headlines can be so much more interesting.

This Writing Prompt

For this one, we have a headline for you. Look first at just the headline.

91-year-old grandpa sends lovingly hilarious texts to his single granddaughter

I get a humorous image just from this headline. Ideas are forming. What about you? Go away and come back to this. See what comes to mind. If you get nothing, read my summary that comes next.

Young woman has a concerned grandfather who reads articles or hears news reports and reaches out to her to make sure she’s alright and will live as long as him. She shares these messages and her reponses with him on TikTok and gets a world-wide response.

Ideas now? If not, go to the actual article here. Read it and let it sit again for a time. What short story do you see in all this? What inspiration have you found?


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