Author Services

We love to see authors succeed. Because of that we take our degrees which include a Master’s in English and Creative Writing and help others. See below for what we currently offer.


Need your book formatted for print or ebook? We can do that for you. We receive a fully edited manuscript from an author along with the following information: Dimensions of print book, ebook destination, cover page information on draft, and other parts of the book supplied.

Formatting Ebook only – $15

Formatting Print only – $20

Formatting Print and Ebook – $30


Editing and proofreading is different. The first is extremely detailed and can take months. The second is the final pass before publication and can be done in days or weeks. Here are the options we offer:

Editing – This includes content editing (plot, characters, flow) as well as line editing (word usage and sentence structure). Author will send completed manuscript that has been self-edited and in a Word or Google doc. Edits will be performed via Google docs. – $500 up to 50,000 words and $950 up to 100,000 words. Above that level can be discussed and customized.

Proofreading – Correction of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Done only on thoroughly edited words – $50 flat rate


Authors interested in us publishing your book can reach us via the contact page. Our publishing includes the editing and formatting of the manuscripts as well as marketing. We expect a partnership with our authors with all the work done together including the marketing plans.

Currently, we are looking for instructional work, how-tos, and educational material.

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